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About Bob

Age 44
Married 15 years Tiffany
Pets Two Brittanys
Tima - wife wouldn't let me name dog Tim so she added the "a"
Shiva- of course Shiva from "The League"
Favorite Teams
Baseball NY Yankees
Football San Diego Chargers
Hockey Atlanta Thrashers...err Winnipeg Jets
Basketball 2001-02 mavs with Nash, Dirk, Wang ZhiZhi, Van Exel, Finley, J howard. That team was exciting. Good FT shooters and made it rain from 3 point land-no defense. Need more guys like Mark Cuban as owners.
Favorite opposing player Dustin Pedroia, Boston. Tough, hard nosed player and plays the game the way it's supposed to be played.
Sport highlights Pro Bowl 2009 in Honolulu
World Series in 1998 - @ San Diego
Favorite bands KISS, Ace Frehley
Alice in Chains
The Leo Project
My Chemical Romance


Back in the early 90's, DirecTV came onto the scene with satellite television. I still have the letter saying I was one of the first subscribers laying around somewhere...not that it means anything, but it's kinda cool to have. Sears was selling a dish and a single receiver for $999. Crazy expensive but, of course, Sears had a charge card where the purchase could be all mine for $ 48 a month.

Watching the local broadcast football game became tiresome with blowouts or borefests. Even with the ticker updating scores, it wasn't enough to quench the thirst for more football. The ticker itself drove me nuts. I don't know who was in charge of updates but they did a poor job. One game in particular comes to mind, Miami opened the scoring with a 50 yard field goal so the ticker correctly displayed 3-0 noting a 50 yd FG. Miami continued to score but the ticker still read Miami 50 yd FG.

Thankfully, along came Sunday Ticket giving us flexibility to change games.

The first year we had just the one satellite receiver but picked up the local games for 3 games on 3 TVs. The following year I won a 25" Sanyo at a Christmas party so we added the 2nd sat receiver bringing the total to 4 games.


One of my co-workers made a trip to Las Vegas and asked if I wanted him to put in a few wagers for me. I gave him $200 for a few $50 wagers. The co-worker waited until the last minute to place the wager. He completely forgot the games started 2 hours earlier because of the time zone difference. He called asking which wager I wanted as there was only time to place one. I told him and he said he would call me back shortly.

I answer the call and he tells me he put the entire $ 200 on a 4 team parlay!

"What ? Are you kidding me? $200 on a 4 team parlay?"

Fortunately the first two games were easy winners and it came down to Monday Night Football -San Francisco vs Philadelphia -on November 10th, 1997. The (8-1) 49ers vs the (4-5) Eagles.

Expecting a defensive game I had Under 37 and SF to win by 6. It is generally not advisable to take a favorite to cover the spread combined with the Under. If the favorite gets behinds, you're in trouble. If they catch up to cover the spread, the total goes over and you lose.

However, I felt this was one of those rare opportunities to put the two together. I figured San Francisco would get an early lead and control the clock with their running game. I felt it was one of those games where one team scores TD's and the other kicks FG's looking for a final somewhere in the range of 20-9, 21-10, 21-13, 23-10, 23-7,24-7, 27-7 etc.

As with any under bet, defensive and special teams scores are killers.

Roughly one minute into the game- the 49ers defense returns a fumble for a TD. At least it was a 49er TD.

The first quarter ended with an Eagle field goal for a 7-3 SF lead.

The next 15 minutes were a disaster as both teams combined for 20 points including a SF punt return for a TD.

Halftime it was 24-6 San Francisco, both teams could only score 6 points the rest of the game for me to win. It was time for the 49ers running game to take over.

3rd quarter went scoreless. A very fast quarter because of all the running plays. Things were looking a bit brighter- but far from out of the woods.

Early in the 4th quarter, Gary Anderson missed a 43 yard Field Goal for San Francisco... which would come into play later. As the 4th quarter wound down-which seemed like an eternity- the Eagles got the ball back with only a couple minutes to play. The 49ers had covered the 6 and even with garbage touchdown + extra point the total pushes. I still win. I just win less money.

Of course, the 49ers defense decides to go into prevent defense mode. The Eagles drive the field and with 1:14 on the clock Bobby Hoying throws a 6 yard touchdown.

At least I won the side and pushed the total- right?

OH NO! What is happening? Why are the Eagles going for TWO POINT CONVERSION!

I could not believe my eyes. If the Eagles convert it makes total 38. UGH!

As the football fell to the ground incomplete, I raised my arms triumphantly knowing I just pocketed over $2500.

It wasn't easy but it was pretty damn exciting. I was really thankful luck was on side of my co-worker after his faux pas. After sharing with my co-worker and giving him my share of taxes, I used the proceeds to buy 4 more 25" Sanyo tvs and 4 satellite receivers bringing the football setup to 8 games.

I ran into one more dilemma once I became engaged- the TVs were too big for our apartment. As fate would have it, my buddy just bought a new house with an unfinished basement. He let me house all the equipment for 3 years in his basement. That's a true friend.

There was only one problem- "Where are you going to mount the dish?" my friend asked.

"On the roof," I replied.

"I don't want holes in my roof" said Jeff.

"That's okay- we can mount it to the siding."

"I don't want holes in my siding," Jeff replied.

"I can mount it to your deck."

Jeff says, "I don't want holes in my deck either!"

"I can put a pole in your yard and mount it to the pole."

Of course Jeff didn't want a pole in his yard either. I was running out of options but had an unconventional solution.

"We will just mount it to a pallet on the ground and run a slim wire through the window to the dish." Jeff was concerned the pallet would blow into the window. I asked him how many pallets he's seen blowing down the street lately. At last, he agreed to give it a shot.

If we had to adjust the dish to get a better signal, we just reached out the window. The DirecTV service guy thought it was the craziest idea he had seen (we ran into an issue because I didn't live at the residence where service was being provided. Issue was resolved quickly.)

For the next 4 years, our buddies were regular guests during the football season at my friend's house.

Now, we all hang out at Plasma Hall-just like old times.

"Plasma for Plasma"

Few people I know have $10k lying around to go buy 9 large HD plasma televisions. I didn't either, but I had a plan. I discovered I could donate plasma 2x a week and get paid some easy money.

Basically I am writing checks my body CAN cash!

Using Best Buy's 3 year interest free financing program, I was able to defer the payoff for 3 years while making minimum monthly payments. Plasma donations currently pay $280 per month provided I do not miss a donation. 36 months x $ 280 = $10,080.00 Boom! Debt gone! For only 300 hours of my time the tvs are mine!

Every Wednesday and Friday I get up around 5:30 am for my appointment at the Moorhead Biolife Plasma Services center. Upon arrival I login by scanning my fingerprint at the front desk. A brief health questionaire is next to screen for any changes in medication or personal health issues. Next, we proceed to run my hands under the black light to check if I have donated at other plasma centers recently. To differentiate between centers, each center marks a different finger. You can donate at different centers but you can only donate plasma a total of 2x per week.

From there, my arms and elbows are checked for bruising and quick blood draw, blood pressure check, weigh in and temperature readings are taken. Once cleared, I am sent to the donating area, which is a very large room capable of handling approximately 60 donors at one time.

Once the needle is placed into the arm, the plasmapherisis process takes about one hour. I listen to "The Leo Project" (currently disbanded)on my Ipod every time I donate. How cool is that to get paid listening to your Ipod?

Once done, the needle is removed, a gauze wrap is placed on my arm, and I am free to go. As I exit the facility, I scan my fingerprint and the reader informs me $45 has been applied to my Bio Life card. We receive an ATM card to withdraw our payment for donations. Funds are available for immediate withdrawal.

Learn more about the plasma donation process from the Bio Life website.

What Is Plasma?

Your body contains approximately 12 pints of whole blood.

Plasma is the pale yellow liquid portion of your blood that can be easily replaced by the body. It consists mainly of water and proteins, which help your body control bleeding and infection.

What is "Plasmapheresis"?

Plasma is collected through a process called "plasmapheresis." When you come in to donate, a needle is placed in your vein and your blood is pumped into a specialized spinning device that separates the plasma from the other whole blood components, such as red and white blood cells and platelets. While the plasma is collected, the other blood components are filtered into a reservoir. Once the reservoir is full, your red and white blood cells and platelets are returned to your body.

Throughout the process, the system automatically alternates between collection and replacement until the predetermined amount of plasma, based on your weight, is obtained.

The tubing and all other collection supplies that come in contact with your blood are discarded and replaced with new, sterile materials each time a donation procedure is performed. Your blood never enters the machine.